In this uniquely designed SkinFood kit contains Pure-Col Collagen for Aches & Pains, Skin, Hair & Nails and Perfect Aloe Matrix- Natural Anti-Inflammatory.

Recommended dose PureCol – Two capsules daily. Pure-Col, a 100% pure collagen formula in tablet form, provides the ideal solution for gym-goers, athletes and sports people alike seeking physiological maintenance. It is also a great anti-ageing product, helping to maintain healthy, supple skin. Endorsed by leading athletes and sportspeople over the last 15 years, Pure-Col performs the same role as natural collagen in maintaining healthy joints and skin.


Aloe Matrix – Recommended dose:

One capsule for daily maintenance and 2 – 4 capsules daily for more severe conditions. Aloe has long been hailed as a great medicinal plant due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. Ideal for those suffering from digestive issues, these specialist, high-quality organic products are produced to the highest quality, standards and effectiveness.


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