“First, there are immediate removal products which are usually just a form of cleaner that washes away fake tan before it has chance to sink into the skin,” explains Abi Oleck, skin expert at Utan. So they’re best used if you’ve made any obvious application mistakes as they give you a chance to rectify them.…

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Mr Porter

If you have any hesitation about booking a treatment, know that male skin does have its needs. “Men’s skin tends to be oilier with larger pores,” says Ms Abi Oleck, a facialist who recently launched a treatment tailored to men called Beau Bespoke. “Dehydration and congestion are also typical male concerns.”



Like many experts, facialist Abi Oleck recommends a double cleanse at night: “Several types of skin stressors contribute to premature ageing by increasing inflammation,” she explains. “So to avoid skin damage, carry out a double cleanse in the evening to help reduce toxins found in the pollution and dirt that blocks pores.” The type of cleanser you use is…

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Health & Wellbeing


Woman Magazine

Abi Oleck-Hewett, 48, is a facial and skin expert and beauty technician from Surrey. ‘Before the pandemic, my life was a whirlwind of celebrity clients, glamorous events, and amazing jobs. But in March 2020, my beauty-technician business, like so many others, came to a halt. No longer able to see clients face-to-face, and unable to qualify…



CHARITY CHAMPION  –. Sponsored by Skin Group International Abigail Oleck Hewett, BeauSkin Abigail not only raised thousands of pounds for a number of worthy charities and donated all her business’s PPE to the local NHS, she has also personally given over 1000 hours as a Volunteer throughout the pandemic helping the NHS frontline workers, keyworkers and carers…


European Spa Magazine

CHARITY CHAMPION: Abigail Oleck Hewett, MD, BeauSkin was chosen due to her tireless commitment, giving over 1,000 hours volunteering to help frontline NHS and key workers as well as supporting the local community.


The Sunday Edit

In simple terms, retinol works by gently exfoliating and encouraging skin renewal to reveal younger-looking skin. “It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections while evening skin tone and improves moisture retention,” says Abi Oleck, celebrity facialist and skincare expert.


Who What Wear

Celebrity facialist and skin expert, Abi Oleck explains, “Many skin issues start to arise in our 60s due to the hormonal changes that occur post-menopause in women, particularly the drop in our master hormone, DHEA. By the time we reach 70, the amount of DHEA we have is 77% less than at 20. Similarly, in the post-menopausal…


Business Matters

Abigail Oleck-Hewett is the MD of BeauSkin London, a hair and beauty salon in the capital. She said: “Unfortunately, clients are very much less inclined to tip when using cashless, especially when prepaying for treatments and booking online. Therefore, we will be working on a % commission for our team on all retail orders from…


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