Tips to consider when looking for a SPF

With Lockdown regulations starting to relax, what better way to spend an afternoon than walking in the sunshine in a beautiful Park with a good friend eating ice-cream!

But….remember our skin still needs protecting from the harmful rays of the sun’s UV rays. Choosing protection can be difficult as there are 2 very different types to pick from.

  • A mineral SPF
  •  A chemical SPF

They both shield your skin but in very different ways, explains Abigail Oleck Hewett, MD of BeauSkin, London.

A mineral sunscreen contains particles that sit on the skins surface physically preventing UV rays from penetrating the skin, a bit like holding a summer parasol over your head to reflect the sun rays away from your face .

“Chemical, on the other hand, allow UV light into the skin. Once the light is absorbed into the skin, the chemicals in the sunscreen create a chemical reaction in which UV light is converted to heat, and the heat dissipates from the skin, this can be problematic for those with sensitive skin or prone to heat rash” says Abi.O

It is vital to include an SPF in your everyday skincare routine (preferably a mineral sunscreen). Your skin is the largest organ on the body and needs to be looked after just like you would you heart, liver and kidneys.

Has your skin suffered from sun damage? Do not panic, we can help. Book a virtual call with our MD, Abi O, who will examine your skin and pigmentation over video conference and prepare a skincare plan to reduce your pigmentation and get your skin back to normal


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