How to Get Your Pores Under Control in the Summer? Ask Abi-O

Our managing director, Abi-O, was recently asked to shared some of her top tips for controlling your pores this summer season with  Who What Wear for an article titled “This is how to get your pores under control in the Summer, according to experts“. The article has also been publish by Yahoo! Style.

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See below for some of the top tips Abi-O was delighted to share:

  • Why are some people more prone to visibly large pores than others?
    • Genetics plays a role, men generally have larger pores and produce more sebum which causes pores to enlarge. If the skin is inflamed from using too many harsh acids and stripping ingredients, such as alkalizing soaps, these ingredients also increase pores size on the cheeks. Wearing a liquid foundation can make them even more visible.


  • Are there any products (or anything we might be doing) that make the situation worse, that we should steer clear of?
    • Overusing harsh acids, that strip the skin of natural moisture and cause inflammation is one of the main causes of an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Avoid using a combination of an acid toner and scrub, use one or the other. Check the key ingredients include purified acids as such L-lactic and avoid over-using Glycolic at a concentration of 5% or more. You risk sensitising the skin through increased UV absorption.


  • What are the biggest/most common causes of large, visible pores?
    • We have approximately twenty thousand pores on our face. Sun exposure increases the level of destructive enzymes that tear down collagen and firming elastin and enlarged pores. Pore size is related to genetics. Also, a higher level of sebum activity tends to correlate to larger pore size. Don’t be tempted to squeeze your pores and use adhesive stripes and masks. This only aggravates the skin and causes inflammation. To correctly shrink pores, use a skincare product that is made with a Vitamin A derivative, such as Retinol and Retinaldehyde (equivalent to prescription 0.025% Tretinoin cream). We recommend and prescribe  The most popular choice  for us is  a product called Define, a combination of 2% Retinol AGP and an AHA Complex, use which can be used daily with no irritation.  We have daily face updates with our clients to monitor thought-out the process . Increasing or decreasing the Retional AGP as needed.


  • Double cleansing at night is also essential for enhancing results and keeps the pores clear of irritating toxins. To enhance results, we guide our clients through their at home treatments using combination of skin treatments that include a bespoke blend of Vitamin A and AHA cream peels that are left on the skin overnight. Are any other recommendations, that is worth knowing if you are battling large, unsightly pores?
    • Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing a mineral sunscreen daily that has a minimum SPF20 in winter and SPF30 in warmer months. One of my female clients favourites is Derma-Quest Sheer Zinc Tinted and  Genosys Blemish Balm SPF cream.On a weekly-basis carry out a #virtualsundayfacial using active ingredients, such as a fast-acting enzyme mask. When left to dry, the solution will work far more deeply without compromising the skin’s barrier and causing irritation. We use this mask is our weekly ‘BeauSkin’s Virtual Facial In a box’.


  • Why do pores appear more visible in the summer?
    • In summer we can tend to sweat more and this mixes with excess oil that clogs the skin pores. It’s important to cleanse your skin and remove all SPF, make up and pollutants on the skin.


  • What things can we do to help reduce the appearance of pores? Including what products and ingredients might help.
    • A gel cleanser works more deeply and can also be left on the skin as a mask to brighten and smooth. Use a cleanser with a low pH of 3.5 that is made with either L-lactic or a plant-derived Salicylic Acid. CosMedix Clarify Salicylic Foaming Cleanser stops blocked pores and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin as well. The FOREO sonic cleansing brush made with soft silicone is excellent for giving a deep cleanse and enhances the health of the barrier, that protects against UV damage.

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