Ask The Expert – Why Is Cleansing So Important?

Why is cleansing just as important when you’re not wearing any make-up and what’s the difference in the cleansing procedure if you are wearing make up?   

This is a question we get asked a lot by our clients, so we thought we would take this opportunity to explain the importance of cleansing your skin.

Several types of skin stressors contribute to premature ageing by increasing inflammation. To avoid skin damage, carry out a double cleanse ( if you are not wearing makeup) in the evening – this will help reduce the toxins found in pollution and dirt that blocks pores.

A low pH maintains the population of healthy bacteria and stops inflammation. When unhealthy bacteria is overgrown, you will experience symptoms such as breakouts and dry skin. For blemish-prone skin, cleanse with a gel solution that has a low pH of 3.5 and avoid using regular soap that is alkalising.

For dry or mature skin, use a balm or cleansing oil to properly remove sunscreen as well, the mineral and waterproof kind can be particularly stubborn to remove, so it’s necessary to carry out a double cleanse.

If you are wearing make up then you do a triple cleanse. (We know, who has the time? However, we promise it is worth it) 

Use an oil-based cleanser to remove make up (cleansing balms are great too.)  Then follow with your gentle cleanser and on alternative nights introduce a 3rd cleanser (your treatment cleanser which you can also leave as a 3 min mask if needed).

Your oil based cleanser not only removes make up but it also helps soothe lipid dry skin,  you  then follow with a gentle cleanse such as Benefit Clean. This is to clean the skin without stripping it and the 3rd cleanse is to balance or be corrective to your skin concern.

Use a cleanser with a low pH of 3.5 that is made with either L-lactic or a plant-derived Salicylic Acid. For congested, dry or sensitive skin types we would recommend a gel cleanser works more deeply and can also be left on the skin as a mask to brighten and smooth such as Purity Clean. Or a 2%  Salicylic Foaming Cleanser such as Clarity stops blocked pores and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin as well.

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