Ask The Expert – What is dry skin?

We have a lot of clients complaining about their dry skin and asking how it is caused and what can be done to resolve it? In our latest blog, we dive into all the variable surrounding dry skin and explore the best solution for it.

What is dry skin?

Lipid dry skin (skin lacking in oil)!

Skin tends to feel uncomfortable and the barrier function will be compromised.  This allows irritant substances to penetrate.  In clinic, we would always repair the barrier function before treating the concern or condition.

What causes dry skin?

The environment around us has also a huge part to play ~ sun, pollution, weather extremes, and indoor environments can play havoc with our skin and general mental wellbeing, such as poor ventilation, bad air circulation in offices which encourages dehydration

City living has a lot of pollution which is toxic and can cause inflammation. Sulphur is found in the air in very populated areas which are very dehydrating to the skin and impacts on the physical barrier. PH of the skin and the process of desquamation, which can only occur when the skin is healthy, hydrated, and has a balanced PH. Even in the countryside where the air is fresher, the lifestyle of outside walks can mean more exposure to UV from which increases UV damages or sensitivity and lipid dryness from harsh weather conditions. Factors such as

central heating and air conditioning can dehydrate the skin and compromise the barrier function. You see there are so many various influences that caused lipid dry skin and these can include also the diet (consuming too much alcohol and caffeine and not enough oily fish in the diet). … the list goes on! Poor skincare choices also factor into cause lipid dry skin.

How can someone tell if they have dry skin?

  • You can tell if your skin is lipid dry (lacking in oil) by these characteristics;
  • Dull looking skin
  • Sensitivity to poor skincare products and non-absorption of products
  • Skin feels tight after washing
  • Flaky
  • Easily irritated

What types of products, textures, and ingredients should those with dry skin use?

Hyaluronic acid is your hydrator serum to be worn underneath your cream or lipid balm every evening.  This is a great serum if your skin feels dehydrated and needs an extra moisture boost! Look for a product that has high and low molecules in order for the skin on the top to be soothed whilst the cells below are hydrated.  For Lipid dry skin, we recommend taking Free Fatty Acids such as Omega 6, Omega 3. This will give skin its oily feel and can help to soothe dry, flaky, tight and irritated skin. Furthermore, ensure you choose a healthy diet with plenty of fish,(oily fish is excellent) fruit, vegetables, seeds, pulses and plenty of water

We all need a good variety of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in our food consumption to provide well-functioned skin

Chose product that gives lipid replenishment. A good ingredient to look for is D-Panthenol,  a source of Pro-Vitamin B5, known for it’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits, to relieve and soothe the skin, relieves itching, and soothes sunburn. Plus stimulates cellular proliferation and aids in tissue repair and improves skin hydration.

The moisturisation of the epidermis relates to the lipid and water content called the NBF.
So many skin disorders start here with the imbalance of hydrolipidic content (water and oil) which is vital for happy and functioning skin.

The NBF prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which causes the skin to become dehydrated, PH levels to change, and can cause infection and irritated, sensitised skin which leads to premature aging.

Product recommendation would be CosMedix Rescue which is an Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask that helps rapidly relieve extremely dry, cracked or chapped skin with the help of powerful antioxidants that dramatically soothe, nourish and comfort for a radiant, healthy-looking glow. Containing Shea Butter which helps provide a hydrating and nutrient-rich barrier on the skin, D-Panthenol and has a powerful blend of antioxidants rich in Vitamin C that help to relieve, relax and soothe dry skin and  Reboot Hyaluronic Acid serum which is packed with an optimal concentration of Hyaluronic Molecules, it provides instant hydration at the surface and deeper skin layers.

Products are available here Please call Abi on 07968 133221 or email for further information on products and application.