Like many experts, facialist Abi Oleck recommends a double cleanse at night: “Several types of skin stressors contribute to premature ageing by increasing inflammation,” she explains. “So to avoid skin damage, carry out a double cleanse in the evening to help reduce toxins found in the pollution and dirt that blocks pores.”

The type of cleanser you use is also really important, but with so many different textures to choose from; gel, oil, balm, foaming and water-based, it can feel very eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Abi recommends reaching for a gel cleanser if your skin’s oily or blemish-prone, ideally one containing L-lactic or a plant-derived salicylic to counteract blocked pores, without upsetting skin that’s also on the sensitive side.

“If you’re experiencing any tightness after cleansing, it’s an indication that the skin’s barrier has been compromised,” says Abi. “The solution is to avoid harsh acids and switch to ingredients that rebuild the lipid structure. Double check the ingredients label for a common sulphate called sodium lauryl sulphate, which strips the skin of its natural moisture factors.

So, with all that in mind, It’s time to put down the makeup wipes once and for all and upgrade the first vital step in your skincare routine.